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The Krewe of Mambi has been serving the Tampa Bay Community since 1998!

The purpose or mission of the Krewe of Mambi is to recognize and preserve the history of the original Mambises. As a section of El Circulo Cubano de Tampa (The Cuban Club), the Krewe of Mambi shares the club’s commitment to preserving and maintaining the building along with the history and culture therein. Additionally, the Krewe of Mambi is committed to support, participate, and represent itself and its members in the community via events, charities, and other worthwhile causes. El Circulo Cubano de Tampa was founded as a social club and mutual-aid society and in keeping with that spirit and mission, the Krewe of Mambi promotes and encourages its members to collectively give back to our community and to assist its own membership through volunteerism and fundraising.

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